Best Tourist Destinations in Berlin, Germany

berlin germany

Amidst chaotic and stressful schedules, an occasional trip comes in handy in terms of relaxation and also helps one in knowing about new places.

Berlin, the capital city of Germany happens to be a favorite destination for many as far as an interesting and scintillating trip is concerned.

Berlin is the largest city in the country and also happens to be a seat of culture, intellect, politics and literature.  Berlin is home to a large number of places that are fundamentally intriguing and bears the scars of the World War II and the Cold War, thus making it historically significant.

Here are the most important tourist attractions of Berlin:

The Brandenburg Gate: The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) happens to be an 18th Century monument of neoclassical architecture erected by King Frederick Wilhelm II which is located in the western fringe of the centre of Berlin. The gate is about 26 meters in height and made out of sandstone has a unique architecture with a chariot of four horses along with the six columns. It stands as one of the most visited places of Berlin

Check Point Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial: Checkpoint Charlie or Checkpoint C was a name rendered by the Western Allies to the famous cross over point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the period of Cold War. Erected in 1961, the Berlin Wall served the purpose of stopping refugees from infiltrating in an east-west manner.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church: This is one of the must visit venues as it has to offer a two dimensional attraction. First the modern new church that was designed in 1961 and the ruins of the actual church along with the tower that is 63 metre high. The original church was built in the honor of Emperor Wilhelm I whose remains are accommodated into the new construction as the original was destroyed in 1943.

Hence it has resulted in a landmark that is a memorial of war along with a hall filled with architectural leftovers, mosaic remains and photos. The major figure is of the Coventry Cathedral’s Cross of Nails and Christ figure from the old church which was all destroyed in the World War II by the Germans.

Museum Island: This is a wonderful part of a 400 meters long canal between the Kupfergraben and River Spree to explore in old berlin. The oldest, most important and finest museums of the city are found here including the Old museum which was created in 1830 to exhibit the royal treasures including the Crown Jewels.

The New Museum was further built in 1855 as a mark of development that was continued by the building of the National Gallery in 1876 and in 1904 the Bode Museum, making it the finest homes of the city’s antiquities. Pergamon must be the first one on your list as it is rich of its spectacular construction of historic buildings.