Should You Hire a House Sitter

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Most travelers want peace of mind during their vacations and adventures. You don’t want to worry about the life you left behind to go on vacation and that includes your home. You can hire a house sitter to ensure your house is safe and well-kept during your vacation. Should you hire a house sitter for your next trip?

Where to Find a House Sitter?

The best place to find a house sitter is in your current personal network. The best house sitter is someone you already know and trust. You can have a co-worker be a house sitter for you or a relative or another friend. Ideally, whoever you find will be able to spend several hours a day at your home and even spend the night there. If there is no one you trust to house sit your home during vacation, you can go online. There are several directories online that list house sitters available for hire throughout each city and state. You can see past reviews of the house sitter or email or call them to first to get to know them a little better.

You have to remember that this is their profession. They need to do a good job for their clients to help earn trust from future clients and continue being able to be a professional house sitter for their career. It can be unsettling to hand over the keys to your home to a stranger but odds are your house will be in very good hands with a professional.

How Much Does House Sitting Cost?

The cost of a house sitter first depends on the house sitter. If it is someone you know, they might just consider it a favor and watch your home for you for free or for very little charge whereas if you hire a professional for house sitting it might cost a lot of money. You should follow my tips for traveling cheaper in order to have some money available for hiring a house sitter.

The cost of the person will also increase if you have pets in your home. House sitters will be expected to feed your pets and be sure to let them in and out for going to the bathroom. The more the house sitter needs to do the more the cost. You might also request that the house sitter clean your home and perform yard work while you are gone. These services will also increase the cost of house sitting. The person will probably have a list of services they are willing and able to do and provide the cost for each before hiring them.

I also recommend scheduling other services during your vacation while the house sitter is at your home. This is the perfect time to schedule the cable company to upgrade or install your service or a carpet cleaning service for deep cleaning your home’s carpet. There are several carpet cleaning companies to choose from. The house sitter will be there and will be able to let in the professional company and ensure everything goes as needed while you are away and enjoying your vacation.