Stop Wasting Money on Air Travel

air travel

There’s no getting around paying for air travel. If you plan to travel overseas or any significant distance you will need to pony up and pay for airline tickets and unfortunately air travel is never cheap. That being said, there are ways you can spend less on air travel and stop wasting so much money on flying in general and have more money for other travel expenses.



Do not wait until the last minute to purchase and schedule your flights. The longer you wait and the closer you get the dates of your vacation the more money you will have to pay for airline tickets. If you wait until a week before or less you will pay $174 more per ticket on average and if you wait two weeks before you can pay $111 more per ticket on average. We recommend purchasing your airline tickets at least 47 days in advance of the trip in order to get the best deal possible.


For some reason, you can purchase airline tickets for much cheaper if you do so on a Tuesday. Never pay for your airline tickets on a Friday as the cost can double or even worse. You should wait until a Tuesday that is at least 47 days before your departure date to purchase tickets.

You should also avoid departing on a Sunday. Your flight will be much cheaper if you depart on a Tuesday or sometime in the middle of the week. You also should try to return on a Tuesday or a Wednesday to. This can save you anywhere from $85-120 a ticket.


Most airlines incur fees on travels who have luggage that ways over 50 lbs. These fees can be as much as $100 per bag. The airline industry earns over $3 billion every year from fees related to overweight luggage and other charges.

You should also try your best not to buy anything at the airport. Eat before you arrive and pack a snack that can be carried through security. Shops in the airport charge a 5-10% markup fee and some items will cost 2-3x more than they would in a standard store somewhere else.