Tips for Saving Money for Traveling

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Traveling is my passion but it is not cheap. You will spend a lot of money to travel around the world. This of course includes airline, bus, subway and train tickets, taxi cabs, hotel rooms, food, souvenirs and entry to some of the amazing landmarks and monuments in the world.

The cost of traveling is probably the number one reason people don’t travel more often or don’t take the trips they truly want to take.

The good news is that I have tips for saving money for travelling that will let you travel more and travel to the locales you want to.

#1. Create a Savings Plan

You should create a savings plan with money allocated to travel. You should reserve a certain percent of your income for travel funds. You can save $50 or $100 a month or more.

#2. Create a Separate Account

You should create a bank account just for travel funds. This will help you monitor your progress and it won’t confuse different accounts or money needed for bills and other emergencies.

#3. Cut Costs

There are some sacrifices you will need to make in order to save money for travelling. You should cut costs on food and entertainment. Try to eat out less and don’t buy coffee from fancy coffee shops every morning. Instead of going to see movies in the theater, go home and read about the places you want to travel and start to plan and prepare for the trip you are saving for.

You can also DIY things around your home. You can stop paying professional services for chores and repairs you need to do in your home. This also includes beauty and other things you pay professionals for.

#4. Stay Focused

Don’t lose sight of your goal. Stick to your savings plan and remember just how excited you are to visit your destination and explore the globe. You will be rewarded if you stay focused on the end prize of being able to travel.

#5. Plan Meals & Entertainment

You can reduce the costs of your travel if you plan meals and entertainment ahead of time. You can maybe just snack in the morning or mid-day to avoid paying expensive meal costs for lunch or breakfast and then save your money for a nice dinner later in the evening. Several hotels offer free breakfast for their guests so that is one way to save money during your vacation.

You should also try to walk as much as possible during the trip to avoid expensive taxis or other forms of transportation. If you do need to use transportation, research public options that are safe and cheaper.

You can also research what tourist attractions cost a lot of money and which ones are free. It could be that one of the attractions you are the least interested in visiting is one of the ones that might be the most expensive and you could remove it from your itinerary and instead visit an attraction that is free for tourists.

We hope these tips help you with saving money for traveling. Bon voyage!