Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Spain

spain flag

Spain is one of the most amazing spots in the entire country of Europe. Most people have an image of Spain as a place where people fight for towel space because of the crowded beaches.

Spain is much more than that and will definitely impress you with its medieval castles, white villages and vibrant cities. So here are few captivating Spain Attractions that will make you pack your bags now.


In Southern Spain, this is the place which is part fortress, part palace and part garden overlooking the entire city of Granada. This place is a delight for photographers especially in golden glow of dusk. This place has a history as it was constructed back in 14th century but is one of the Spain’s major tourist destinations.


Famous for its soccer love and passion, Barcelona is an artistic paradise for lovers. The whole city is packed in beautiful colours and has amazing Wonder Park and various churches and museums along with soccer grounds.

Sagrada Familia is a large catholic church situated in Barcelona and one of those places which you can’t miss to see if you are vising Spain. So this means that if you have time for only one sightseeing outing then this would be La Sagrada Familia.


This Island in Spain is the most visited place for merrymakers. Surrounded by blue waters this place is beautiful with clear coastline during the day and has a dazzling backdrop of clubs and restaurants for nightlife.

This island also has some secluded beaches where you can enjoy your private prime moments. You can enjoy clubbing, sand parties and sunset scooter tour for the most delightful experience.

La Concha

This is one of best beaches not only in Spain but in entire Europe. The aerial view of this island looks like a turtle and is quite clean and widespread beach with ample of good restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

You can go surfing, play water sports or just enjoy beautiful views of the beach. Strong cliffs and islands at the boundary protect this place and thus it is like a mini haven in Spain.

Mezquita of Cordoba

Mezquita stands for Mosque and this place is also known as the Great Mosque of Cordoba which is known for its one of the oldest man-made structure that is still standing tall. The inner hall of this mosque contains lot many arches sitting on number of pillars which is very unique in architecture.

This site was transitioned from the Roman temple to Visigothic church and then into a mosque and thus hold a great historic importance.

These places must be in your checklist of best places if you are creating an itinerary of Spain. If the running of bulls’ event excites you then Pamplona is the place in the city of Navarra where dozens of bulls are let loose on the town streets.

So if you want a flavor of Spanish extravaganza then plethora of tourist attractions will definitely multiply your element of gala time here!